Keeping your sewing supplies organized (especially large or bulky rulers and templates) is hard! We asked our Facebook readers how they store theirs and compiled the answers here. They might have an unusual solution for your space!

"I put specialty rulers in labeled hanging folders in a plastic tote meant for scrapbooking paper." – Shirley R.

"On a wooden slatted board for everyday used rulers and a drawer for ones I use occasionally. The wooden board sits on my cutting table." – Donna D.

"In the top drawer of my cutting table." – Robin B.

"Command hooks on my wall! I think I might need more hooks pretty soon." – Edwina B.

"Always up for recycling. I am using Styrofoam that was packing my laptop. It has slits that work nicely. I have four next to each other on a shelf, so I can put taller ones in between and shorter in the slits." – Sharon H.

"Everyday ones go on 3M hooks on the wall. The specialty rulers go on a shelf with their instruction sheets in plastic folders." – Kathy D.

"I use a rack meant for pan lids. It works for larger rulers and die cutter dies and mats. I have a small slotted wood one for smaller and special rulers." – Laurel K.

"I am supposed to store them? I keep them on my table ready to use!" – Sara U.

"The ones I used regularly are on my cutting table. The others are hanging from nails in the closet in my sewing room." – Debra K.

"Someplace under a half-done project, so even I can't find them!" – Maggie B.

"On a pegboard on the wall behind my machine." – Ann W.

"Under the lift-up seat of my sewing chair." – Natalie S.

"I store mine in a metal file holder that sits on a desk." – Tina S.

"I have a 3x30" photo shelf hanging in my sewing room. I stand my cutting rulers on it. Very handy." – Jeannie

"Nearby on hangers, in a special box, or free standing depending on the sizes and shapes." – Becky C.

"On a belt ring hanger." – Susan K.