Get personal! Stitch a name, monogram, or inspirational word on a pegboard that also organizes your notions.

Designer: Sherri K. Falls


  • 2×3' piece of white hardboard pegboard
  • DK weight cotton yarn: blue, coral, gold
  • Yarn needle
  • 5-3⁄4- to 1"-diameter gold buttons
  • S-hooks

Assemble the Pegboard

1. Using a pencil and referring to the Stitch Placement Diagram on the image to the left, print the word "Create" on the lower left-hand corner of the pegboard by connecting the dots.


2. Use a doubled length of yarn threaded onto a yarn needle for all stitching. Knot yarn on back of pegboard to secure stitches. Backstitch the letters C and A with blue yarn.

3. Backstitch the letters R and T with coral yarn and both letter Es with gold yarn.

4. Stitch a button to each end of the letter C with blue yarn. Stitch three buttons for ellipses at the end of the word with gold yarn.

5. Hang crafts supplies on board using S-hooks.