See creative ways to reuse empty toilet paper rolls, paper towel rolls, or gift wrap rolls in your work space! We love storage ideas that are cheap, use something you already have in your home, and even keep something out of the landfill.
  1. Use them as cord wraps. You can accordion-fold your iron or sewing machine cords and then push them into a roll to keep things in place in storage or while traveling.
  2.  Use them to corral odds bits or rolls of fusible, interfacing, or stabilizer. The nice part about toilet paper rolls is that they're cardboard, so you can write directly on them to help label things.
  3. Many quilters wrap their binding around a roll of they're not sewing it to the quilt right away to keep it crease-free.
  4. Wrap ribbon, rickrack, or embroidery floss around them. This is a great way to keep all your floss for an embroidery project together. You can wrap multiple colors around the roll and just add it to your project bag.
  5. Group several together standing upright, and use them as dividers for smaller tools. For instance, you can put a bunch in a drawer or small bin. Rubberband or hot-glue them together if they're falling apart. And then use it to hold marking tools, scissors and rotary cutters, bobbins, packs of needles, and more. You can cut them any size you need and even stagger the sizes for tiered storage.

If you wanted to get fancy, you could cover the rolls with decorative paper, fabric, or even paint so they look nice in your sewing room.