Linda Augsburg and Angela Walters explore options for quilting in the background of a quilt.

October 13, 2016

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And Linda in America Patrick and welding and a little while. And that's different and water. Talk about negative space now first. What negative space really refers to well does spaces artistic word for these space between components of the composition and so quelled it would be the space between the blocks with pre background via. The fans in here so it's good. But this is really kind of got. Known when modern started happening with the large areas in the air space and more that first inning wild is that I think it's important to realize that they use these can you large horse. And this quilt block right here just shows that you know in between these turn angles this is technically than Agassi's quote how would you handle that. Well when I'm gonna show you is really great for these years of space thanks let's talk a little bit about some designs that really work well yet so here. And really it's a joke it's not rocket science it's nice easy step at a section of the quilt and nearing have a nice back in force plane that really looks great and what's. That official about it is if you were in sewing machine or sit down long eyelashes to break that area. I see okay. And here's a variation of that so if you want something with a little bit of a different texture you can actually change of the direction of your back and fourth lines to get it differently that's a great idea. Now the twelfth is an example of using that back in port design on a much bigger scale so you could isn't it over design. You don't have to do to sneak in space and can see it just quilted it just a lot for their part. I think and a little longer to write a lottery ticket shot at a US absolutely. Now the fourth line it's Alan back and forth her hip. But what's different is cooking it in Allard. We're going down I'm Annika line that occurred Alley in back. But why did try to keep them and they are you quit I don't want them all that they. The bigger area you can make this column larger. Think that for the next line next to. Really in a lot for it. I don't feel like it's one absolutely Utley don't see that cleared you know delineation between Collins and then when you get to the edge of your area. Inwardly that happen in the next call it now I couldn't find with Curtis. Right before it touches other mind. I like a little bit of uncooked area. And here and it's been around. He's working my way up and it really never getting. It doesn't quite a lineup yeah. Insight gets to talk again varying the other side. Pocket. I like it's an audience you know exactly. The way it happened. Can you want. To finish what you. Nearly got another great thing like I said. Your quote it all worth costly that she can do it different directions whatever works for you and you had a nice pop. Texture were quite match. And it looks really. That's great thanks so much for showing me this great technique for doing the fact and it might well. I think this really turns a negative about how to answer. Thanks so much for putting on the best give it a try next project.