See machine-quilting in action! Watch Nancy Sharr use rulers and stitch allover, edge-to-edge designs.


Allover edge-to-edge designs can be stitched freehand or by following a printed pattern. On our quilt, machine quilter Nancy Sharr stitched allover freehand design of daisies, leaves, and pansies in the border. Ruler specially made for long-arm machine quilting allow you to trace specific shape such as this scallop. Trace around the ruler, stop the machine, then reposition the ruler and trace again. Rulers also allow you to travel in a perfectly straight line., such as stitching in the ditch. Rulers made for a long-arm quilting are acrylic, but they are thicker than a rotary cutting acrylic ruler, so the presser foot is guided along the edge. Pantograph are patterns that are rolled out behind the machine and followed with a laser stylus.