Jennifer Keltner and Angela Walters show you two machine quilting designs -- matchstick and pulley.

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"Hi, I'm Jennifer here with Handi Quilter ambassador Angela Walters. And we're talking about some specialty long arm stitches. And the first one we're going to talk about today is sort of a novelty stitch." "Yes. Well I am a big fan of back-and-forth lines (or what I like to call back-and-forth lines) -- that dense back-and-forth, up-and-down line." "Sometimes they're called matchstick." "Yes. Different applications of the lines, so here, I just brought this sample to show you that you can easily quilt that back-and-forth line and fill different-shape blocks by just wrapping them around the corner if needed. And you just get this nice texture that fills in the area. This is just the same back-and-forth line that we did. Another variation of that that you might not use quite as often (but you never know when you need a fun, different design) is what I like to call pulleys. And I'll demonstrate this for you in a second, but it's just that same back-and-forth line with a little pebbles thrown in as well. And like I said, you might not use that much but every once in a while it's kind of fun to have." "A?combination stitch -- let's see how you stitch it out." "So first let's just do quick refresher on the back-and-forth lines, to use in?sashings ?It's really a great all-purpose design. And so I'm just going to quilt up and down. The one thing that I do, though, is I do the little turn when I get near the seam and I do it before it actually reaches, because I want to be able to see that curve. If I take it all the way into the seam, ?you're going to kind of lose that. And I really like a lot of quilting. I joke that I'll quilt it until it's dead, but if you don't want such dense quilting, that's no problem. You can easily vary the spacing by going a little bit longer in between. Add a little more space." "Alright, so how to you go about adding the pulley?" "Well, when you get bored of doing this, you can just add your little pebble and go right into the next one." "And you're alternating directions of your circles at each end." "Yes I'm going in a circle, coming back around, and down the other side, ?so there is overlapping, which is fine because you wanna be able to get that nice fluid turn." "I love this look. It has a really modern shape to it and I think that people have fun trying this stitch at home. So whether it's back-and-forth or pulleys, give these novelty stitches a try and see you like them."