Creating a neat look on the front and back of your machine quilting is important. Here's a quick tip to avoid thread nests on the bottom of your work!

October 13, 2016


Hi, I'm Jennifer, here with another Machine Minute brought to you by Baby Lock and the Crescendo Machine. When you're doing any sort of quilting, whether it's free motion quilting or stitching in the ditch, you want to have as few starts and stops as possible, but sometimes you want to change thread colors or you simply need to take a break. So how do you prevent yourself from having those snarls of thread on the back? Here's one simple tip you can follow. Hold on to your needle thread with one hand, and turn your hand wheel with the other. You can lower your presser foot down, give it one turn, and then you'll see that bobbin thread pull up. You want to pull both of them to the top of your work, and then before you start quilting again, lower your presser foot and either take a couple of quick stitches right in place, or you can turn the hand wheel a couple of times. That will simply secure those stitched ends. Clip your threads as close to that as you can, and then you're ready to get started and you won't have any bobbin thread on the back of your work. It's a great way to keep your quilt top clean your back free from thread tangles. Give it a try.