Quilt with the utmost creativity, precision and confidence using the new Jewel Long Arm Machine from Baby Lock.

October 13, 2016


Hi, I'm Beth, and whether you're an experienced quilter or just getting started like me, the Baby Lock Jewel long arm machine has some great features that are going to help make you a better quilter. So let's take a look. Now, the first thing you can't help but notice is this great, nice throat depth area here. Now you've got 18". That is fabulous. And you've also got 8-1/ 2" of clearance up to down here which gives you this great, large work space, which means you won't have to advance your fabric as often. Now, you also have this M-class bobbin, which is so much bigger than a standard-size bobbin, and a top speed of 1500 stitches per minute. It's super-fast. So, all of these things combine to let you work longer periods of time uninterrupted. Whether you're working on a cute little baby quilt or a fabulous, huge, detailed, king-size quilt. Another feature that I love and think is so cool are these handles. They kind of make me feel like I'm playing video games because the controls are built right in. You've got the needle up and down and you can start and stop the machine right from here. Another fabulous thing is this lighting. You've got four different levels of lighting so you can really see what you're working on. And they've also placed handles at the back of the machine, and these are great for when you're working with your laser light and following a template, or when you're working with your stylus and following a pattern board. Now, both sets of handles are really ergonomic and cushy, so they're really gonna cut down on fatigue and give you lots of control while you're creating any quilt design you've got in mind. Speaking of control, the Jewel has a built-in stitch regulator, which means regardless of your speed, your stitches are going to be nice, even, and uniform. And you can adjust it anywhere from four stitches per inch up to 15. Now, I've got it on 8 so I'll just show you here. So, I'm going to start quilting, and I can be a little faster and it keeps nice and consistent. And I'll go a little faster. Now, I'll move it up to 15. Now we've got 15 stitches per inch so those are a little closer together, you can see we're moving faster and slower and we've got nice even stitches. This means you can create really intricate quilt designs without worrying about uneven stitches. And if you'd like to set your needle speed you can put the machine in manual mode for the ultimate and personal control. Well there you have it: precise, intuitive and fun. Creating beautiful quilts is a whole lot easier when you have the Jewel long arm machine from Baby Lock.