Angela Walters shares some easy designs for the triangles on your quilts!

October 13, 2016

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Hi I'm Linda I've heard an American expert and nothing. And it'll Walters an ambassador for handing out there and talk today about quell triangles just a really come. And signs absolutely think about flying east adding triangles you're probably gonna come across more than once in your actually adding some good design as you and you're definitely helpful. So you know using samba quote top within triangles on it and haven't it hasn't and content yet and initially took different turns this is one that's better. For flying east is pretty Smart triangle so you could you use it in this unit or combining triangles to make it larger see you might quoted as one triangle. Or as two separate trying to spend on comes in and it great love to have options yes and a smaller triangles. Especially playing these and let teens and continuous curve design. An asset backed up with continuous curve just need to continuously from one quarters than other so. Even though this is shown in a big triangle imagine this a smaller one Regis starting from one corner and curbing down opposite corner. Out and back. And out of the one and what makes this so ideal is that when you're working in those triangles you could easily quell groups of them on around so. Very nice that this looks familiar to me did they see this money your bucks yes yes to finish it by shape quilting I think it's really easy to pick up designs when they're narrow down my shape. So that's great about this is we're seeing a lot of different triangle quilting design development absolutely perfect ten this is eyes look more intricate I'm calling not and do it in a flying knees locked I wanna have a bit more space and get fit so maybe a descending triangle. Were larger rectangle and -- you've got that it's very easy perfect nice variation of a feather. Just quilt and more like an OT so. Here's my triangle and start halfway down. Halfway in one at that size of these legal. You wanna put that first part it. It comes out. And actually kind of like the middle of mine my father motif and from this when he wanted to show offered you a little bit more he's got an echo its highest. And you I'm gonna feathered or did she feathers on the side here it's going out. And that's happened. It's really fill the space and have too much gaps in between and I want to really Philly area. We're coming next site now it's back and that's what's really isn't and where you start which means it. Travel on the bottom and get onto the next next time you're working on. Now he's triangle in your designs and how prominent senators sign. Would you have a piece of church would you turn changed direction depends on how it's looking that content most often I would have it. Rotate around that you can do whatever you like this this would ever be your preference I love having these new options for building trying to think you so much Angela for showing me designs. So when he gonna kill you or fighting he's. Setting frank up or even just cast are trying all we hope that these designs and giving you some new ideas to start.