Binding is sew easy with this quick tip to miter the corners.


Hi, I'm Linda, and today's machine minute is brought to you by Baby Lock and the Crescendo machine. And we're going to talk a little bit about mitering the corners in your bindings. So let's get started. So I started sewing my binding on. I've got my quarter inch quilting foot with guide on my machine so that I can keep it right there at that quarter inch. I've also marked (you can see the pin here), one quarter inch from the edge of my end. I put the pin in, and I put the pin with the head over here so that my guide doesn't hit it when I sew toward it. Now I'm going to sew these last few inches and I'm going to stop at that quarter-inch from the edge. I'm going to take a few stabilizing stitches and then I'm going to cut my thread. I'm going to remove the pin now. An what you're going to do. You've sewn to that quarter-inch, you're going to fold the angle, the 45-degreen angle, your binding up and then straight down. And that's what's going to give that miter on the corner. Now I'm just going to put a pin in to hold that fold in place, while I get it under the presser foot. So I've got it under the presser foot. I'm going to start sewing at the very edge at the piece. That's going to hold everything in place. Take out the pin before you get there and then sew down the edge. You'll continue until you get to the next border and then repeat the process. And that's all there is to mitering the corner of your binding.