Want to personalize a gift quilt but running low on time? Here are some ideas tailored to the amount of time you have to finish the gift.

I have lots of time. Add personal touches through embellishments, such as fun trims, embroidery, and free-motion-quilted messages. Think of things the recipient loves, inside jokes, and nicknames, and let those details guide your embellishment choices.

My deadline is coming up fast. Add embroidery accents over printed lines on the fabric to speed up the embellishment process. Piece the quilt backing and use novelty prints that might be special to the recipient. Write a personal message on a quilt label.

It's due tomorrow! Even if you're short on time, be sure to add a label. Or give the quilt without the label, but promise to stitch it on for the recipient after the craziness of the holidays is over. Then you'll even have time to embellish the label!