If you are like us, accountability is key when it comes to conquering large piles of unfinished objects (UFOs). Here are a few tips to help you make progress without losing steam.
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Get Organized

The first step in tackling your UFOs is to get organized. You won't make progress on your projects if you're constantly searching for fabrics and supplies needed for your UFOs. And you'll lose momentum fast if you can't get out your projects and sew in your free time. Make sure all your UFOs are stored in easy-to-find places and that all fabrics, pieces, tools, and instructions for each project are on hand.

Set Goals

Next, set progress goals for each project (we suggest writing them down and hanging them in your sewing room). It can be a larger goal such as finishing a quilt by Christmas, or smaller steps such as finishing two blocks a week. Make sure your goals are clear and attainable. If you set goals that aren't realistic to your time and life, you'll only be frustrated when you miss the deadlines.

Use the Buddy System

Form or find a UFO group with your friends, at a local quilt shop, through your guild, or online (may we suggest our American Patchwork & Quilting UFO Challenge?) Many of these groups check in monthly on your progress, so you feel the pressure and excitement to show off your work to others. The group can also help you work through struggles or give advice on projects, so you don't get stuck.

Reward Yourself

Sometimes a finished quilt isn't all the push you need to complete a project. Try rewarding a finished quilt with a little prize: a fat quarter from the local quilt store, a meal at a favorite restaurant, or fresh flowers. Looking forward to a treat may help you make progress on a project even when you don't feel like working on it. You may even tell yourself that you can't start a new quilt until you finish the UFO.