If you’re looking for a magic trick to make binding easier, try hand-quilting thread!
Hand Quilting Thread

1. Because hand-quilting thread is coated, it doesn't tangle. You can cut a length of hand-quilting thread up to three feet to use for binding, which means less time tying knots, burying threads, and untangling thread.

2. The coated hand-quilting thread also glides through the fabric so easily. Because of the smooth process, you may not even have to hold your binding in place with Wonder clips or glue -- just your fingers.

3. Hand-quilting thread is thicker than piecing thread, so you can tug it and pull it without it breaking. That also means it will hold your binding tightly in place through many washes and a lot of wear.

Want to learn how to hand-sew your binding to the back of the quilt? Check our our tutorial here.