Each year, we challenge ourselves and our readers to finish some UFOs (unfinished objects)! Follow our directions for a productive year of quilting!
2021 UFO Challenge

If you're an avid quilter, you probably have a stack of unfinished projects. Whether you ran out of time, didn't have the right materials, or just got sick of the quilt, unfinished projects pile up easily -- and take up a lot of space! Make a resolution this year to clean out your UFOs.


1. Download the 2021 Challenge chart here.

2. Fill in twelve projects that you want to finish this year. You can choose from any of your UFOs. Embroidery, knitting, crochet, scrapbooking, and painting can count toward your list, too!

3. On the first of each month, we'll randomly draw a number 1-12. (You can find the numbers listed below). That number will correspond with which number project you work on throughout the month. Fill in the description of where you were in the project before you start.

4. At the end of the month, fill in your progress and post pictures for everyone to see using the hashtag #APQResolution.

5. By the end of the year, you'll have 12 finished projects! Or you'll at least have made a significant dent in your stack of UFOs.

Facebook Group:

We have a closed Facebook group for this challenge, where we post the numbers early for members each month. We also post additional resources and videos throughout the year.

The group is a great way to share pictures of your progress with others, and get feedback when needed.


There are no rules! Make any tweaks to help this challenge work best for you.

  • If want to print multiple lists, go for it! (Many people have a list for their UFOs, one for their Block of the Months, and one for their charity projects).
  • If you don't like the project for the the number that was picked, swap it out. We're not judging.

New This Year:

This is our seventh year doing the UFO Challenge, so it was time to shake things up! This year, we're offering additional resources and a few little changes to our normal process. You'll now notice:

  • The downloadable PDF can be edited for those who like to type their list. It also contains a column to write the month that each number was picked.
  • Additional monthly organizational/storage challenges for those who want to spruce up their sewing spaces throughout the year.
  • The number will be released two days early in the Facebook group, so our members have time to get a jumpstart on their next project.

Monthly Numbers:

January: 7

February: 2

March: 11

April: 4

May: 9

June: 5

July: 12

August: 10

September: 1

October: 8

November: 3

December: 6