Learn hand embroidery. See a step-by-step demonstration of the threaded running stitch as seen in the February 2014 issue of American Patchwork & Quilting.

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Embroidery stitches are enjoying a resurgence of popularity and this is another stitch to savor brought to you by designer Sue Spargo and American Patchwork and Quilting. A wavy line isn't so difficult to achieve once you learn this stich. It's a threaded running stitch and it's a great look for the center vein in a leaf or for vine-like stitches. I'm using a chenille needle In a size 24 and some variegated thread that's a pearl cotton. You can use size eight or size five -- I've got a size eight. I'm going to bring my needle up from behind my shape here which is a circle. I've got a knot in the back. And just going to take a running stitch by going down, back up, down, and back up and through. And I'm going to do that across the center of this circle. If this was a leaf you can also do it on that to create the center vein. Or anywhere you might like to have a wavy line. So I'll finish up going to the back of my work. And then I'll turn my work around. And going to come up right next to where I went down. I'm going to start out going under that first running stitch I don't catch any of the background, I just go under and pull through. And then go down on the next stitch. And I'm going to continue that over under all the way across the running stitch that I already put it in. You can pull this as taut or as loose as you want Now in some case as you might want it to be one color as I'm doing here with the orange. It's a variegated so the tone changes slightly. But you could also use a different color when you come up here for the wavy line part and have it contrast from the running stitch that you did before. And that is the threaded running stitch.