Learn to add a little dimension to your quilts with a texturizing polyester fabric.

October 13, 2016


Do you want to learn how to add texture to your regular cotton fabric to make it look like this? Stay tuned. So you can see, I've sewn the texturing material to the cotton fabric. And I just used a simple swirling pattern and cross-crossing. The tighter that you quilt, if you will, the piece, the more dimension you'll get. You can do a simple grid. It'll be a looser pouf. So the magic really here is in the steaming process, which is what shrinks up that polyester fabric to 30%, but it doesn't shrink the cotton. Ready for it? As I run the iron over, just steaming as I go. You want to thoroughly steam the piece. You can see it shrinking. You don't want to press your iron down on that surface. So you can see it shrunk about 30%, then it stopped. You can see the crinkles. Again depending on what you quilt or stitch on your piece you'll get different texture. And if you want you can also put batting inside between the two layers and you'll get even more texture. So there you have it, texturing your fabric. From this point, you would just go ahead and cut your piece and quilt it in just like you would piece in anything else.