Learn to make a scroll stitch for your embroidery projects.


Designer: Sue Spargo


• Perle cotton No. 3

• Chenille needle No. 18

Scroll Stitch

1. Thread 18" length of perle cotton on a No. 18 chenille needle and sew a row of scroll stitches around circle appliqué edge. To begin, pull needle up at A alongside the appliqué edge (Diagram 1). Insert needle tip into the fabric at B (about 1⁄4" away from A) and bring it up again at C, picking up small amount of background and appliqué fabrics, to make a tiny stitch perpendicular to appliqué edge. Do not pull needle through.

2. Working counterclockwise, pass the thread under needle eye, then under the needle tip (Diagram 2).

3. Tighten thread around needle shaft (Diagram 3), then pull needle through to complete a scroll stitch (Diagram 4).

4. Repeat to make next stitch about 1⁄4" away from first stitch (Diagram 5). Continue in same manner to make scroll stitches around entire appliqué edge.