Don't let time slip by without whipping up a clock sampler. Each number outline is embellished with a different motif, and a plastic embroidery hoop adds to the colorful display.
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Designer: Heidi Palkovic


  • 16" square of white linen
  • 10"-diameter plastic embroidery hoop (such as Susan Bates Hoop-La hoop)
  • DMC embroidery floss: #3607, #3806, #3853, #3854, #3855, #3765, #3760, #3846, #208, #209, #210, #917
  • Embroidery needle
  • Foam core board
  • Crafts knife
  • 1/4"-diameter Phillips screwdriver
  • Battery-operated clock mechanism kit with hands for ¼" surfaces


1. Click on "Download this Project" above for embroidery pattern and stitch instructions. Using a light box or sunny window, lightly trace pattern onto white fabric using a sharp pencil. Mark a small dot as indicated at center. Do not trace circle. Place fabric in embroidery hoop, centering design inside opening. Pull fabric taut and tighten screw.

2.  Use three strands of embroidery floss for all stitches. Backstitch all numeral outlines in colors listed on key found with pattern. Then fill numerals with stitches indicated.

3.  Remove embroidery from hoop and press with a warm iron.

4.  Lay outer ring of embroidery hoop onto foam-core board and trace inside opening with a pencil. Carefully cut out the circle using a crafts knife.

5.  Lay the foam-core circle on a flat surface and center embroidered clock face on top. Place outer ring of embroidery hoop on top of embroidery and push down so foam- core circle goes into back of hoop. Flip hoop over to push foam-core circle into hoop until flush with top of hoop. Adjust embroidery to center it and make taut. Tighten embroidery hoop screw.

6.  When all stitching is complete, turn the hoop over. Stitch a running stitch approximately 1-1⁄2" outside the hoop in the fabric that extends past the hoop edges. Pull the thread to gather the fabric; knot the thread. Trim away the extra fabric approximately 1" outside the gathered line.

7. Using tip of crafts knife, carefully poke a hole at marked dot on center of embroidered clock face. Make a 1⁄4" cut at dot. Twist crafts knife a small amount to make hole bigger through foam-core circle. Switch to Phillips screwdriver to widen hole.

8.  Insert hand extension of clock mechanism through hole in back side of foam-core circle. Push foam-core and fabric down around hand extension on front side. Screw clock hands onto extension. Add a battery to mechanism on back.

9.  Hang clock from hanger on mechanism.