Learn hand embroidery. Watch a step-by-step demonstration of the rosette chain stitch as seen in the October 2014 issue of American Patchwork & Quilting.

October 13, 2016

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Hi, I'm Jennifer with American Patchwork and Quilting magazine, here with more stitches to savor from designer Sue Spargo. Today's stitch is the rosette chain stitch. And this is one that can be worked either in straight lines or in curves as we've got it here, around the outer edge of an applique or even in the center. Here Sue has used two different weights of pearl cotton. You can see it can be a very delicate, dainty detail around the exterior or you can use a thicker thread and do something like this that adds a little more weight to the center of your applique. Let me show you how to create this stitch. So on my stitch sample I've done the rosette chain all the way around the exterior of my applique piece. But you can also work it just as easily in a straight line. And that's what I'm going to show you here. The principles are the same no matter how you use it. Bring your thread up from the back of your work. And then you're going to take a bite into the background or your applique. About a quarter inch to the right you'll put the needle in and come out about a quarter inch above where your needle point when in. Now don't pull your needle all the way through. At this point you want to take your emerging thread. And go counterclockwise behind the tip of your needle so you're making a little loop just around the tip of the needle there. Then with your left thumb holding that stitch in place, you'll pull the needle through. When I remove my thumb here you can see you've got sort of a cursive L in the thread there with your thread coming up the middle of that top loop. Then working from the top of your stitch to the bottom, you'll pass the needle under the left lower portion of the stitch. So only through that left lower portion like that. Then again with your left thumb on the stitch holding it in place you're going to pull the needle through gently. And you'll see that your rosette chain stitch is completed. So for your second stitch, you'll move a quarter inch to the right and a quarter inch up, and again have just the tip of your needle emerging. You'll repeat, looping your thread counterclockwise behind the tip of your needle, holding that stitch in place with your thumb, pulling your thread out, then coming back and taking your needle under just the lower left portion of that stitch, holding it with your thumb, and pulling a thread through. Continuing on to a third stitch. The rosette chain stitch may take a little time to master but it's definitely worth taking the time to learn.