Learn to make a rosette chain stitch for your embroidery projects.
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Designer: Sue Spargo


  • Perle cotton Nos. 5 and 3
  • Chenille needle Nos. 24 and 18

Rosette Chain Stitch

1.    Thread 18" length of perle cotton No. 5 on No. 24 chenille needle and sew a row of rosette chain stitches around the circle appliqué edge. To begin, pull the needle up at A at the edge of the appliqué (Diagram 1). Insert needle tip into the fabric at B (1⁄8" to right of A) and bring it up again at C (1⁄8" above B). Do not pull needle through.


2.    Wrap the thread behind needle counterclockwise, making a loop (Diagram 2). With your left thumb holding the loop in place, pull the needle through (Diagram 3).


3.    Working from top of loop just formed, pass needle under left lower portion of stitch (just to the right of A) (Diagram 4).


4.    With your left thumb on the stitch, pull needle through to make a rosette (Diagram 5).


5.    Moving 1⁄8" to the right of B, make another vertical stitch, inserting needle tip at D (Diagram 6) and bringing it up again at E (1⁄8" above D). Wrap thread counterclockwise behind needle. Holding loop in place as before, pull needle through to make a rosette (Diagram 7).


6.    Pass needle under thread between rosettes (Diagram 8). Holding second stitch in place, pull needle through to complete rosette chain stitch (Diagram 9).


7.    Repeat to make rosette chain stitches around entire appliqué edge. Using perle cotton No. 3 and No. 18 chenille needle, repeat in center of appliqué to make a circle of stitches 1/4" apart and 1/4" long.