A timeless and endearing piece, this heartwarming mother-and-child sampler is destined to become an heirloom.
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Designer: Sarah Wright


  • 8 -1⁄2×15"-wide oval wooden quilting hoop
  • 15×21" piece of white 100% cotton fabric
  • DMC embroidery floss: #3821, #744, #3761, #807, #798, #304, #3806, #3713, #169, #168, #632, #436
  • Embroidery needle


1. Click on "Download this Project" above for embroidery pattern and stitch instructions. Using a lightbox or a sunny window, lightly trace the pattern onto white fabric with a sharp pencil. Place the fabric in the embroidery hoop if desired, centering the design inside the opening. Pull fabric taut and tighten the screw.

2. Referring to the color key on the pattern for embroidery floss colors, complete the solid lines with three strands of embroidery floss and a split stitch (including mother's and child's hair and faces, pillowcase, bunny ears, dress, loops on left side of quilt, quilt edges, waves on right side of quilt, and the word "Blessed").

3. Referring to color key for stitch motifs and stitches, stitch the corresponding motifs on the quilt in the colors indicated.

4. Remove embroidery from hoop. Using a warm iron, press the finished embroidery. Insert the embroidery into the hoop, centering the design and pulling the fabric taut.

5. When all stitching is complete, turn the hoop over. Stitch a running stitch approximately 1-1⁄2" outside the hoop in the fabric that extends past the hoop edges. Pull the thread to gather the fabric; knot the thread. Trim away the extra fabric approximately 1" outside the gathered line.

6. If desired, cut a felt circle that is slightly smaller than the back of the embroidery hoop. Whipstitch the felt circle to the gathered fabric on the back side of the hoop.