It's easy to sew buttons on using your sewing machine! Watch this video to find out how!


Hi, I'm Linda, and today's Machine Minute is brought to you by Baby Lock and the Crescendo sewing machine. Today I'm going to show you how to sew on a button using your sewing machine. So let's get started. So the foot we're using for this process is a button sewing foot and it's got a metal piece on the bottom that is a little bit spring loaded. And so that way, you can slip your button right in. And then I'm just going to do a zigzag stitch that doesn't move, because my feed dogs will be dropped, right in those two holes and my button will be attached. Alright, I've set my machine to button sewing. I'm going to take a few stitches with my hand wheel, just turning it by hand, to make sure that I'm not going to hit the button at all. Because you do run the risk if you hit that button of breaking a needle. I'm going to take a few tack stitches and then I'm going to start. You can also sew on a four-hole button. And you can even create a shank by putting the shank lever in place and giving it a little extra distance so when you sew that button on, you've got the ability for like a coat where you've got a little more play between the button and the fabric. So that's all there is to it. It takes a little extra stitches there at the end to anchor your stitches. You'll want to tie a knot on the backside, and you're ready to go.