Scaling embroidery designs to fit your project is simple. Watch this video for a quick overview.

October 13, 2016


Hi, I'm Jennifer, here with another Machine Minute brought to you by Baby Lock and the Ellisimo Gold. Today we're going to talk about just how easy it is to adjust the size of your embroidery using the Ellisimo Gold. Let me show you how easy it is on screen here. From the home screen, touch embroidery. Then you can select the design that you want. I've chosen a butterfly motif. Then I touch the sewing button and that brings up a new screen. Here if I wanted to move the design in the hoop, I would use one of these arrows. But I want to change the size, so I'm going to touch first the size button, and that will bring up this series of buttons. Now you don't have to worry about doing the math yourself, because it's all incorporated into the machine. And it knows which designs can be modified and in which direction. But say I want to reduce the size of the butterfly overall. I would simply touch this shrink button with all four arrows pointing in. And it shows me how much smaller in both vertical and horizontal centimeters I can make the design. If that's too small or I don't want to adjust it quite that much, I go back to the open box, and that returns the design to its original state. You might have a quilt block or something where you're trying to fit it in to a certain dimension. And you can also do that with these buttons by reducing the design in one direction only, either stretching or compacting it depending on your motif. So if you think you have to do a lot of math work to figure out your embroidery, the truth is you don't. It's super simple. Once you decided what shape you want your design to be and it's ready to fit your space, simply hit the close button, and you're ready to start stitching. It's as simple as that. Have fun embroidering.