Add a designer touch to any garment by using Sashiko stitching.


Hi, I'm Jennifer with another Machine Minute brought to you by Baby Lock and the Sashiko machine. For most of us, we think of sashiko as being white thread in sort of a heavy-weight stitch on indigo blue fabrics. And I've shared with you some ideas for using sashiko stitching in your home decor. But it's also a great way to dress up your wearables. Let me share with you a couple of ideas. Here I've taken a basic denim skirt and you can make your own or buy a purchased one. But I've added sashiko stitching just above the seam line on the waistband here and also two rows of stitching along the hem line, spaced just about a 1/4" apart. This is a wonderful way to add a detail that you might not be able to find in retail clothing stores, and embellish your garments with sort of a high-end look. It's easy to do. Another way you might use sashiko stitching is on a shirt. Here I've just added a contrasting thread of red on a black shirt and added it along where the button holes are on either side, and also along the collar edge. Let me give you an idea of how easy this is to do. I'll add a little bit of stitching to the cuff. So on the Sashiko machine, there's no upper thread. All of the thread is in the bobbin. And I'm using a 30-weight, 100% polyester long-staple thread. I'm going to lift up my presser foot and make sure that I start my stitching on the fabric. You don't want to start off the edge. I also make sure that my thread tail is tucked into this guide and that it's taut. And then I'm ready to begin. I put my needle down. You can adjust the stitch length and stitch spacing to be as close or as far apart as you wish, and then I simple start stitching. The machine does all the work for me. If you want a dressier look, you might want to add a double row, or a more casual look with maybe a longer stitch and a little more distance between them. So I'll sew to the end of my cuff, stop stitching, life my needle up, pull straight back, and trim off my thread in the guide. And it's just that simple. If you're ready to add some pizzazz to your wearables, consider adding sashiko. It's super easy, I promise.