Correctly hooping your fabric is the key to beautiful embroidery results. Watch and learn the simple steps to make sure your embroidery turns out great every time.

October 13, 2016


Hi, I'm Jennifer with American Patchwork & Quilting, and another Machine Minute brought to you by Baby Lock and the Ellisimo Gold. One of Ellisimo Gold's outstanding capabilities is its embroidery. And today we're going to talk about how to hoop your fabric when you're doing machine embroidery. There are a few simple things you need to learn in order to have success. First and foremost, you want to make sure that you use a stabilizer when you're doing embroidery. And I have several samples here, and you'll notice when you go to purchase stabilizer that it comes with things like tear-away or cut-away or dissolve or wash-away, and those are all factors that determine how you're going to remove the stabilizer after your embroidery is done, but you make that determination on the kind of fabric and the project that you're working on. The only time when you wouldn't have to use a stabilizer behind your embroidery would be if you're working through all layers of a quilt. Then the backing of the quilt and the batting would act as the stabilizer. Otherwise, make sure you have a stabilizer and that will help make sure that your embroidery is smooth and has a nice finish to it. Now there are several different hoops that come with the Ellisimo. The machine will tell you which hoop to use for the design you've chosen. And once you know which hoop to use, you're going to take the hoop apart by unscrewing so you can remove the inner edge of the hoop. Now for those of you who have done hand-embroidery before you might be familiar with how the fabric goes into that. But for an embroidery machine, you want to make sure that the outer hoop or the larger hoop is flat against the surface of your table. Then you're going to take your stabilizer and you're going to place it over the hoop and then your fabric. Then take the inside of the hoop and push that into the outer ring that's against the table. Now I'll hold this back. Normally I slide it to the edge of the table before tightening my screw. And you want to make sure that your fabric is taut in the frame. So you pull on all four corners gently to make sure you don't have any wrinkles or bubbles in your fabric. Then when you turn it over you also want to make sure that your fabric on the back side is taut and that all your edges are even. You have a nice smooth back that you can feel the lip of the inner hoop before there. Then finish tightening up that screw and you're ready to add your hoop to your machine, so you wan to make sure that your fabric lays flat against the machine bed. Stabilizer and hooping your fabric correctly are two keys for getting great embroidery from your embroidery machine.