Get the perfect placement for your embroidery project every time with these simple steps.

October 13, 2016


Hi, I'm Jennifer with American Patchwork & Quilting and another Machine minute brought to you by Baby Lock and the Ellisimo Gold. Today we're going to talk about positioning embroideries in the hoops so you get them exactly where you want them on your garment or your fabric piece. Sometimes positioning isn't important and you just can stitch out your piece and cut out your fabric to the shape you want later, but other times it's really important to have your embroidery centered. For example if you're doing something on a garment like this little shirt, I put the word peanut on with embroidery, but it's important to be centered below the neckline, so let me show you how I went about doing that. The first thing I did was figure out what hoop I was going to use in the machine (and again your machine directs you to the proper hoop size), and then I choose the embroidery sheet that comes with the Ellisimo Gold hoops in the machine. This embroidery sheet has the cross hairs marked on it in the grid and I can place it on my shirt and line up the center of my neckline with the vertical, and also where I wanted the word -- how far down I wanted it from the neckline on the horizontal line. Then there are holes marked at the cross hair intersections at each side both vertically and horizontally, and I used a blue wash away marker to put in through those holes and mark the corresponding dots. Then I took that away and I marked the cross hairs on the shirt by connecting the dots. Once you have the cross hairs drawn, you're going to hoop your stabilizer and fabric as instructed with the machine. You're going to line up those grid lines with the marks that are raised on the edges of the hoop, then take the embroidery sheet which has corresponding notches at the top and bottom and each side and lay it over the top of the hoop. Your lines should match up. If they don't, that's where you want to do a little adjusting to pull your fabric taut and make sure you shift it so that those cross hairs in the center line up and that's where your design center will be perfectly positioned. Using the embroidery sheet is one of the easiest ways to position your embroidery in the center of the hoop but the Ellisimo Gold has another method that you can use with a positioning camera built into the machine. Let me show you that method next. With the embroidery hoop in position on the embroidery arm, you can see that I have a design going here where I've got the grid lines that I drew, but I wanted to place a different design in each of the four quadrants, so here I use an embroidery positioning sticker. I've put it in the quadrant where I want my next letter to print out, then I push the button that matches the embroidery sticker. I tell it which quadrant I put the sticker in so it knows where to scan, and then the camera above the needle will appear and start to identify where the center of the next letter will be based on where I put that embroidery positioning sticker. Then it tells me to remove the sticker and it's just a little adhesive sticker that I've got on here, so I'm going to pull that off and I'm ready to begin stitching. Put the presser foot down, start stitching, and the machine does all the rest of the work. No matter which method you use to position your embroideries, following these few simple steps will have your designs coming out right on the mark every time. Have fun!