You can embroider on terry cloth or fleece fabric with this simple tip.


Hi, I'm Jennifer, here with another Machine Minute brought to you by Baby Lock and the Ellisimo Gold. Embroidering can be great fun on cottons and other home d?cor items, but did you also know you can embroider on terry cloth and fleece? There's one simple trick I'll share with you that will make your embroidery more successful. The important thing to remember when you're sewing on cloth that has pile like terry cloth or fleece is that you want to make sure your embroidery design stays on top of the pile -- that it doesn't sink down into the loops of the terry cloth or into the fleece. Let me show you how you accomplish that. When you're hooping your project as before, you want to use a stabilizer on the bottom and that stabilizer is really your choice whether you want it to be an iron on, tear away, cut away. It doesn't really make much difference. It's your choice, so put that into your frame first, then lay your pile fabric on top of that. Then the secret ingredient: you want to use a water-soluble stabilizer on top. Water soluble or wash away is a much softer stabilizer, a little bit thinner, and you're going to place that on top of your design area and finish by hooping it in your frame. Tighten that up as we've shown you before. The addition of that water-soluble stabilizer will make sure that your embroidery motif doesn't get caught in the loops of the fabric, that the machine doesn't get caught as it works through the design, and you'll end up with perfect embroidery motifs every time. Embroidery on fleece and terry cloth can be great fun. Give it a try.