Combining embroidery designs and lettering is a great way to customize your projects and it is easier than you think.


Hi, I'm Jennifer, here with another Machine Minute brought to you by Baby Lock and the Ellisimo Gold. Today we're going to talk about how to combine lettering designs with other embroidery motifs. Here I chose a frame. It's super simple and not as difficult as you might think. Let me show you how. When combining designs and lettering or multiple designs, you want to click on "embroidery edit" on the main screen and then choose your original design. I started my project with a frame that I wanted to letter on, too. So I select my design, I see it appear on the screen, and then I push "set." Here, I can make my design larger or smaller, and I want to make it a little larger. So you can see what I'm doing here. Once I'm done, close that. Then I push the "add" button, and that's going to take me back to the screen where I can pick the lettering style that I want. So I choose my initials here, and I have a choice here of upper case and lower case. I'm going to use upper case since I want it to be monogram, and again I push the "set" button. And here again, if I want to make my letters larger or smaller this is my chance to do that and make sure that I'm happy with the design. When I'm finished combing those things, I'll hit the "sewing" button. Now if you have a design that you want your letters to arc around your frame or around a motif, you can do that with the "array" button or if you weren't happy with the spacing between your lettering or your objects you can do that here. You can also shift your designs around by using these arrow buttons, but I'm happy with where my design is now and the way the lettering is in the center of the frame, so I'm ready to start sewing. All I do is touch the "sewing" button and I'll be ready to go. It's super easy to combine lettering and motifs on your Ellisimo Gold. Have fun embroidering; it's a great way to make personalized gifts!