Felted balls are so fun to make! Use them as embellishments on projects, string them together for a garland, or use them as jewelry.

1. Pull off a small piece of wool from one or more colors of roving.


2. Gently pull fibers apart to fluff the wool. The finished ball will be about half the size of this fluff of wool.


3. Using palms of your hands, roll wool into loose ball; change direction often to make a round ball. Wind errant fibers around ball as evenly as possible to keep smooth.


4. Fill a small bowl with very warm water as hot as your hands can comfortably tolerate. Add a drop of liquid laundry or dish soap. Dip ball of wool into bowl of hot, soapy water.


5. Squeeze excess water out of ball.

6. Roll ball between palms of your hands like you would roll a ball of modeling clay. Roll it very gently to avoid forming large cracks or lumps that cannot be taken out. Let ball dry.