A button can be the perfect accent to many projects! All you need is scraps of fabric and a covered button kit to create a coordinating and cute embellishment. (Find covered button kits at your local crafts store or dritz.com.)

October 17, 2018


  • Pusher
  • Back (Button Back)
  • Shell (Button Top)
  • Fabric
  • Mold

Make a Covered Button

1. Follow covered button kit packaging instructions to create a template (one may be included). Trace circle template onto fabric.

2. Cut out traced circle on outer line.

3. Center fabric circle, print side down, over mold. Hold fabric firmly, and press button shell into mold with smooth, curved edge facedown.

4. Tuck cut edges of fabric into button shell. Place button back atop over fabric-covered shell.

5. Center pusher over button back. Press down with pusher to snap together button pieces.

6. When you feel the "snap," remove button from mold.