Learn how to make a drizzle stitch for your embroidery projects.
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Designer: Sue Spargo


  • Perle cotton No. 3 and No. 8 in assorted colors
  • Darner needle No. 1

Drizzle Stitch

1.    Thread a No. 1 darner needle and bring it to the front of your work where the base of the drizzle stitch is desired. Insert point of needle back into fabric next to where thread emerges (Diagram 1). Place a pillow or pincushion in your lap to pierce and hold the point of the needle.


2.    Unthread needle. Place your right forefinger under thread with underside of finger facing you. Hold thread taut in left hand (Diagram 2).


3.    Rotate your right finger toward you, turning your finger until your nail is facing up, creating a loop (Diagram 3).


4.    Keeping the thread taut, place your finger tip on top of needle and slip loop off your finger and onto the needle, forming a cast-on stitch (Diagrams 4 and 5).


5.    Pull the thread down, taut, at the base of the needle (Diagram 6).


6.    Continue casting on stitches to desired drizzle stitch length (Diagrams 7 and 8).


7.    Rethread needle. Hold cast-on stitches with your left thumb and forefinger. With your right hand, pull needle and thread through to the back of your work (Diagrams 9 and 10).


8.    Repeat steps 1–7 as desired. To make a long line of drizzle stitches that is attached at both ends to the fabric, make the desired length of drizzle stitched, then couch over the stitch to secure it in a line to the fabric.