Check out the benefits of die-cutting machines.


Die-cutting has revolutionized the way many quilters cut their pieces. It's an easy, fast way to cut multiple pieces of the same size. How does it work? First you start with a die-cutting machine and a foam die. The dies are created specifically for quilters, so they include 1/4" seam allowances, and often the dog ears or corners will be trimmed off during the cutting process as well. Place the die foam-side up. Put your fabric layers on top of the die. Then cover it with the mat. Press the whole thing up against the center, and turn the handle in the direction you want the die to go. Now most dies can handle anywhere from 4-6 layers of fabric. The cutting happens in the middle of this process. And you'll see as we pull off the layers that our triangles are what's left behind. You can cut up to 24 triangles just that quickly using three layers of fabric. So you can see where you can save plenty of time by doing your die-cutting this way. Give it a try.