See how to square up fabric using a left-handed rotary cutter and one ruler.


This is the left-handed rotary cutting method for using a single ruler. First of all, you'll take your fabric and you have your selvages away from you. You'll take the folded edge and align it with the selvages and smooth that down. Then, you're going to take your acrylic ruler and you're going to place it on top of your fabrics, aligning one of the lines on the ruler with the bottom of your folded edge, not with the lines on the mat but with the folded edge of the fabric. Then, you're going to place your right hand on top of the ruler, putting most of the pressure on your fingertips. If you wanna slide your pinky off to the side you can do that. Sometimes people feel like that gives them a little more control. If you have your hand flat, the ruler can sometimes slide. So, you want to make sure that you have your fingers up on your fingertips and, if you want, you can have that pinky off to the side. Once I have this line aligned with the folded edge of the bottom, I'm going to take my rotary cutter and I'm gonna retract the safety and I'm going to cut away from myself. So, you wanna make sure that you're cutting away. Then, what we can do is remove the edge that you've cut. You move to the other side of the table. And now, I'm going to be aligning the edge of the ruler with the next dimension I'm want to cut. And, again, you're aligning the ruler up with your just freshly cut edge. Go ahead and put your right hand again on the ruler. Retract the rotary blade and go ahead and cut away from you again. Then, what you get is you'll take the ruler off and you'll have your newly cut strip.