Some quilt patterns call for hundreds or even thousands of the same size fabric piece. Here are some ideas for cutting those pieces quickly and efficiently, which should let you get started sewing sooner!

1. Mark your measurement from the ruler's edge with washi tape to quickly and easily see your cutting lines (especially if your fabrics closely match the color of your cutting mat). Layer two or three fabrics on top of each other to cut multiple pieces at once.

2. Replace your rotary cutting blade, so you cut through fabric smoothly and reduce hand strain. The OLFA Endurance blade can cut twice as much fabric before the blade dulls.


3. Use a die-cutting machine to cut multiple pieces at one time. The AccuQuilt GO! can cut up to six layers of fabric at once, and many of their dies cut multiple pieces on the same die.

die cut

4. Use a Stripology ruler by Gudrun Erla for Creative Grids. The ruler has slits for cutting in 1/2" intervals and extra markings for common precut sizes like 1-1/2" and 2-1/2".


5. If your pattern calls for a common precut size (such as 2-1/2", 5", and 10" squares or 2-1/2"-wide strips), mix precut squares with fabrics in your stash to add variety and save cutting time. Most sets of precuts have 42 fabric pieces with minimal repeats.

mini charm square