Some project instructions may call for you to use patterns, which make it easy to cut the specific shapes you need. Here are some tips for making sure your shapes come out exactly right every time!

If your pattern paper is wrinkled or folded, press it with a dry iron (no steam). Position the pattern on your fabric. In our pictures, two pieces of fabric are layered with right sides together before adding the pattern piece.

Use as many straight pins as you need to hold paper or tissue pattern in place on fabric. Pin through no more than two layers of fabric at a time. Pin into pattern corners and perpendicular to straight edges. Keep pins inside the pattern lines.

TIP: Make sure your pin points face the outside of the pattern. This will keep bumps from forming in your fabric.


Use sharp scissors or shears, cut precisely on drawn lines.

TIP: For accurate cuts keep shears and fabric flat on table as you cut.

Remove pins and pattern.