With a die cutter you can make precise cuts through multiple layers of fabric. Practice die-cutting on scrap fabrics until you develop confidence with your skills. To die cut fabrics you need three basic pieces of equipment–a die-cutting tool, a specialty die, and cutting pads.

Always follow manufacturers instructions for die cutting. The special pads protect the cutting surface and the rollers on the tool, and keep the fabric from shifting while it's being cut. The blade embedded in the foam of the specialty die is quite sharp. Because of this, be sure not to apply pressure to the die with your hand when positioning the fabrics.

Sizzix Fabi (sizzix.com) is shown.

Here's how a die-cutting machine works:

1. With die foam-side up, position fabric over shape being cut. You can use several layers of fabric, following the manufacturer's specification for your die-cutting machine.


2. Sandwich the layered fabric-and-die between two cutting pads.

3. Align stacked die, fabric, and cutting pads firmly against the roller of die-cutting machine.


4. Turn the handle on the machine until the die passes through the rollers.


5. Remove top cutting pad, then lift off and set aside excess fabric. Lift off die-cut shape.