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Alternate Cutting Method

Contemporary Crossroads: Alternate Cutting Method and Floating Star Assembly


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Alternate Cutting Method

From dark red print, cut:
16—3-7/8" squares, cutting each in half diagonally for 32 triangles total

From each gold print, cut:
8—3-7/8" squares, cutting each in half diagonally for 16 triangles total

From mottled orange, cut:
8—4-3/4x42" strips

From assorted bright prints, cut:
128—3-1/2" squares

From hand-dyed green, cut:
5—2x42" strips for inner border

From red floral, cut:
6—5x42" strips for outer border
7—2-1/2x42" binding strips

1. To cut mottled orange 4-3/4x42" strips into elongated hexagon shapes, first cut out Hexagon Pattern (click "Download this Project" above for full-size pattern).

2. Using double-stick tape, secure Hexagon Pattern to bottom of 6-1/2"-square acrylic ruler, aligning pattern with two corners of ruler (Diagram 1).

3. Center pattern over a mottled orange 4-3/4x42" strip and rotary-cut an elongated hexagon (Diagram 2). Repeat to cut 32 elongated hexagons total.