Here are five great tips you should know about cutting fabric that will make your next project easier.

1. There are lots of sizes of scissors. Pick the right size for the job so you don't get frustrated. For example, don't use giant shears to snip tiny threads. It's awkward and easy to accidentally cut a hole in your project. And don't try to cut a really long distance with a tiny pair of snips. Your fingers will get sore and your cuts will be jagged.

2. Rotary cutters are like pizza cutters for fabric. They are extremely sharp so be sure to cut AWAY from yourself, never TOWARD yourself.

3. Smooth out your fabric before you cut it. If it's wrinkled or creased, take the time to iron it. It may be irritating, but it will result in greater accuracy, and you'll save time in the long run.

4. If you're using a pattern, cut it out on the outside lines before you pin it to the fabric. Don't try to cut the pattern out of tissue or paper at the same time you're cutting out the fabric.

5. Don't lift the pattern and fabric off your work surface when you're cutting with scissors. Instead, try to run your scissors close to the work surface to prevent distorting the pattern and stretching the fabric.