Ready to try applique? Using fusible web is a great way to start. Learn more about this technique.



Hi, I'm Jennifer, here with another Machine Minute brought to you by Baby Lock and the Symphony sewing machine. If applique is something you've been wanting to try but maybe think is too challenging, give fusible applique a try. You can get fabulous results with your sewing machine and some lightweight fusible web. Now a couple of things to keep in mind with fusible applique: you can choose threads that match your applique shapes as we've done here. Here, you can barely see the thread that outlines these applique shapes. We've chosen green to match the stems and leaves, and a red to match the bud around the flower. In fact, the only thread you really see is the outline stitching done in gold metallic thread around the centers. Otherwise, we chose to have the threads recede and not really show up. The important thing for this method is making sure you choose a lightweight fusible web so that you can sew through it. So here for this reel shape, the blue we've chosen matching thread and you don't really see the thread as it outlines this shape. But the green, we've chosen a more contrasting color. It really defines the outer edge of this curved shape and adds a little bit of detail to the element. Regardless of whether you want your thread to be contrasting or matching, your stitch is going to be the same. We've chosen a zigzag stitch in a very narrow width and length. And what I've got my machine set on is a 1.5 millimeter width and a 1 millimeter length. You can experiment with your project to see what works the best. But the trick is making sure that the right-hand swing of your needle just bites into the applique foundation with the bulk of your stitch in the matching thread with your applique landing on the applique itself. Give fusible applique a try. The results will be outstanding.