Cute felt hearts easily become a garland with a little stitching and ribbon. Hang it in your home to spread the love this Valentine's Day! Heart die cut from AccuQuilt.
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  • 4" squares of crafts felt in assorted colors: red, pink, and purple
  • 2 -- 45" pieces of 3/8"-wide black ribbon
  • Crafts glue (optional)
  • AccuQuilt Go! die-cutting machine (optional)

Note: If you don't have a die-cutting machine, download the heart pattern at the link above. Then cut out and trace them onto felt the number of times indicated in Cut Fabrics.

Cut Fabrics:

Cut desired number of heart shapes depending on the length you want your finished garland. We cut 14 hearts for a 4'-long garland.

From assorted red, pink, and purple 4" squares, cut:

  • 14 of medium heart pattern [AccuQuilt heart die #55029 (3")]

Assemble the Garland:

1. Fold one 45"-length of ribbon in half. Pin or glue the ribbon fold to the back of one heart shape, about 3/4" from the top.


2. Using thread of your choice (we used a pink variegated thread), start sewing on topside of first heart shape with ribbon under  heart. Sew across the heart shape 3/4" from the top.


3. Take a few extra stitches between heart shapes, then stitch across the top of the second heart shape. Continue adding heart shapes, sewing halfway across last heart shape.


4. Fold remaining piece of ribbon in half. Pin or glue ribbon fold to back of last heart shape. Complete sewing across last heart shape to complete Valentine's Day garland.


5. To hang, tie the ribbon into a bow on each end.