Sew Thankful is a two-week celebration of things and people to be grateful for in our quilting lives. Each day leading up to Thanksgiving, we'll issue a prompt on social media that will inspire you to share stories or photos of things you're thankful for this holiday season. See below for all the details!

October 28, 2020
Sew Thankful

How to Participate

  • Follow us on Facebook and Instagram. Each day from November 12-25, 2020, we'll post the day's prompt on social media. You can share pictures and stories of what you're grateful for -- either as comments on the posts or on Instagram using the hashtag #ImSewThankful.
  • If you want to take extra time each day to reflect, we have a journaling page you can print here. Start your day with a cup of coffee or tea and some time spent journaling about what you're thankful for.
Sew Thankful Journaling Page


November 12: The person who taught me to sew

November 13: My sewing space (no matter how small or large)

November 14: A goal I've reached in my quilting life

November 15: A quilting charity I support/admire

November 16: A designer who inspires me

November 17: A quilt that's worn with use

November 18: A surprising opportunity quilting brought me

November 19: A local quilt shop I love

November 20: A handmade gift from a friend/family member

November 21: An innovation that makes quilting easier

November 22: A tool I can't live without

November 23: A quilting friend/community that brings me joy

November 24: A color palette or quilt block I never get sick of

November 25: A lesson that quilting taught me