Embellish a handmade stocking ornament with bits of ribbon and beads this holiday season. The ornament has a small pocket, just the right size for a gift of folded cash or check.
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Designer: Jann Williams


  • 2--6x11" rectangles pink floral
  • Polyester fiberfill
  • 6"-long trim for cuff
  • 12"-long 1/8"-wide ribbon: green
  • Thread: light tan
  • 14-millimeter bead
  • 2--8-millimeter spacer beads
  • 2--10-millimeter beads
  • 3--5-millimeter beads
  • Large-eye needle

Finished stocking ornament: 5-1/4x3-1/2" (excluding hanging loop)

Make Stocking Template

Click on "Download this Project" for Stocking Pattern and tips for making and using templates.

Assemble Stocking

1. Place pink floral 6x11" rectangles right sides together on flat surface. Center Stocking Pattern on layered rectangles; trace, leaving approximately 1/2" on all sides for trimming.

2. Set your machine stitch length to 2.0 millimeter; sew together on pencil line, leaving an opening for turning (Diagram 1).


3. Cut out stocking shape a scant 1/4" outside of stitching line. Clip inner and outer curves and outer corner points.

4. Turn stocking right side out, gently working out points. Smooth edges and press flat.

5. Use eraser end of a pencil to push fiberfill into toe first, then loosely fill foot and leg to fold line (shown on pattern). Slip-stitch opening closed. Insert unstuffed top into stocking leg (Diagram 2). Press on fold line. Stitch 6"-long trim to right side of pressed edge. Fold trimmed edge down 1/2" to make cuff.


6. To make the beaded hanging loop (Diagram 3), use large-eye needle to pull 1/8"-wide ribbon through folded edge of stocking cuff, leaving a 2"-long tail. Knot ribbon tail in cuff to secure. Thread needle and ribbon above cuff through an 8-millimeter spacer bead, the 14-millimeter bead, then the remaining 8-millimeter spacer bead. Return needle and ribbon through beads, leaving 4" of ribbon free above beads, and pull through cuff, creating a second 2"-long tail below cuff. Knot second ribbon tail in cuff to secure. Tie an overhand knot in ribbon above and below beads to form hanging loop. Thread a 10-millimeter bead on each ribbon tail. Tie overhand knots to secure beads.


7. Referring to Diagram 3, sew 5-millimeter beads to stocking toe. If desired, embellish stocking with embroidery stitches, beads, or lace trim.