Bring glad "tie-dings" to your door: Knot fabric strips around a wire frame for a custom wreath.
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Designer: Pam Neuendorffor for Anna Griffin, Inc.


*    2 yards total assorted holiday prints (strips)

*    18"-diameter wire wreath frame (available at crafts stores)

*    Ribbon (hanger; optional)

*    Rotary cutter with pinking blade and mat

*    Acrylic ruler

Finished wreath: 22" diameter (including strips)

Yardages and cutting instructions are based on 42" of usable fabric width.

Cut Fabrics

From assorted holiday prints, use a pinking blade and rotary cutter, mat, and acrylic ruler to cut:

*    Enough 1"-wide strips 6"–8" long to cover wreath

Assemble Wreath

1.    Tie a 1"-wide fabric strip onto the inner ring of the wire wreath frame using an overhand knot (see photo). Pull knot tight. Adjust so right side of fabric faces out.


2.    In the same manner, add additional strips in a random pattern until all rings have been covered and an eye-appealing balance of prints and colors has been achieved. If needed to fill in areas, tie on more strips to complete wreath.

3.    If desired, thread a length of ribbon through a ring on back of wreath; knot to make a hanging loop.