Finish ornaments in a snap for perfect tree decorations or gifts! Download the ornament template at


Make quick and easy ornaments to decorate your tree or to use as gifts. Here are the instructions. You will need two 4" squares of batting, one 4" square of batting, a circle template, a marking tool, pinking shears, ribbon, a needle, and thread. Layer your first piece of fabric right side down, then the batting square, then the second piece of fabric right side up. Position your circle template on the ornament and trace around it with a marking tool. You can find the circle pattern at or use a cup to trace. Using a zigzag stitch, stitch around the outside of the ornament just inside the line. We used a fun green thread. Pick the color of your choice to get the look you want. Trim around the outside of the ornament with a pinking shears on the line for a decorative edge. Fold a 6" piece of ribbon in half and position it on the top back of the ornament. Using a needle and thread, hand-stitch the ribbon in place, making sure to only go through the back fabric and the batting (not the front) or your stitches will show. Secure the thread and your ornament is finished. These ornaments are so quick and easy to make. Try them today!