To make a small stocking that can function as a gift bag, hand-stitch holiday motifs to a mitten shape.
Mitten Stocking
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Designer: Amy Barickman of Indygo Junction


  • 9×12" pieces wool felt: 3 of red, 1 each of turquoise and yellow
  • Fine-point marker
  • Clear template plastic
  • Scissors
  • Sewing machine
  • Embroidery floss to match wool felt pieces
  • Embroidery needle

Use a 1⁄2" seam allowance unless otherwise stated.

Step 1

Click on "Download this Project" above for pattern pieces. Using a fine-point marker, trace patterns onto clear template plastic. Cut out templates on drawn lines (photo 1).


Step 2

From red felt, cut two of Pattern A mitten and one 2-1⁄2×12" rectangle for handle. From turquoise felt, cut one of Pattern B tree. From yellow felt, cut three of Pattern C star (photo 2).


Step 3

Position the B tree piece 2" from bottom edge of one A mitten piece; pin (photo 3).


Step 4

Cut an 18" length of turquoise embroidery floss. Thread all six strands through embroidery needle; knot at end. Bring needle up from wrong side of mitten piece, about 1⁄4" from edge of tree piece (photo 4).


Step 5

Hand-stitch around tree piece to attach to mitten piece. Knot floss end on wrong side and trim off excess floss (photo 5).

TIP: If desired, use a pencil to lightly mark stitching lines 1⁄4" from edge of appliqué pieces.


Step 6

Using three C star pieces and yellow embroidery floss, hand-stitch stars 1⁄2" from bottom edge of mitten piece to make mitten top (photo 6).


Step 7

With right sides together, use a 1⁄2" seam allowance to machine-sew together mitten top and remaining mitten piece, leaving top edge open, to make mitten body (photo 7).

TIP: For smooth edges, slow down when sewing around curves.


Step 8

Clip seams around thumb and inner curve of mitten to reduce bulk (and to make turning right side out easier) (photo 8).


Step 9

Fold top edge of mitten body 1⁄2" to wrong side; pin. Using red floss, hand-stitch to hem top edge. Turn right side out (photo 9).


Step 10

Fold red felt 2-1⁄2×12" rectangle in half lengthwise; crease. Open and refold so each long edge meets at center crease; fold again to make a 5⁄8×12" piece. Machine-stitch along double-fold edge through all layers to make handle (photo 10).


Step 11

Place ends of handle on inside of mitten body along side seams. Hand-stitch in place to secure handle and complete mitten (photo 11).