Set aside a few hours to adorn the mantel with stockings styled for everyone in the family.
Joyful Stocking
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Designer: Linda Lum DeBono


  • 3⁄4 yard purple tone-on-tone
  • 1⁄4 yard multicolor geometric
  • Scraps of assorted green dot
  • 1 yard lining fabric
  • 25x34" batting or crafts fleece
  • 1⁄2 yard 5⁄8"-wide black-and-white check, wire-edge ribbon
  • Clear monofilament thread
  • Lightweight fusible web
  • Fabric stabilizer
  • Machine-embroidery thread to match appliqués

Finished stockings: 13-1⁄2x22"

Yardages and cutting instructions are based on 42" of usable fabric width.

Measurements include 1⁄4" seam allowances. Sew with right sides together unless otherwise stated.

Cut Fabrics

Cut pieces in the following order. Click on "Download the Project" above for patterns.

To use fusible web for appliquéd letters J, O, Y, complete the following steps.

1. Lay fusible web, paper side up, over letters J, O, and Y. Use a pencil to trace each letter once, leaving at least 1⁄2" between tracings.

2. Cut out each fusible-web letter roughly 1⁄4" outside traced lines. Following manufacturer's instructions, press fusible-web letters onto backs of assorted green dot scraps. Let cool, then cut out fabric letters on drawn lines; peel off paper backings.

From purple tone-on-tone, cut:

  • 1 each of Patterns A and A reversed

From multicolor geometric, cut:

  • 1--4-1⁄2x22-1⁄2" strip

From lining fabric, cut:

  • 1 each of Patterns A and A reversed

Assemble Joy Stocking

1. Layer stocking front over fabric stabilizer. Arrange letters J, O, and Y on stocking front. Fuse in place; let cool.

2. Stitch around edges of each letter with a narrow zigzag stitch.

3. Layer stocking batting pieces on wrong side of stocking front A piece and purple A reversed stocking back. Machine-baste a scant 1⁄4" from edges. Machine-quilt front and back as desired using clear monofilament thread.

4. Sew together stocking front and lining A reversed piece along straight edge (Diagram 2). Repeat for stocking back and lining A piece. Open each shape flat and press seams toward lining. Layer a front/lining piece on top of a back/lining piece.


5. Sew together front/lining piece and back/lining piece, leaving an opening for turning in the lining (Diagram 3). Clip into seam allowance at 1⁄4" intervals at curves. Turn stocking right side out through opening; press. Sew opening closed. Insert lining into stocking. Topstitch 1⁄8" from edge around top of stocking.


6. Fold ribbon in half, matching raw edges. Whipstitch fold to inside at top right of stocking. Knot ends of ribbon.

7. Fold multicolor geometric strip in half lengthwise with right sides together. Stitch along long raw edge. Turn strip right side out; press, turning under short raw edges 1⁄4". Topstitch along short edges. Pleat strip, pinning a 1⁄4" pleat every 2" (you will have nine pleats total).

8. Pin pleated cuff around top edge of stocking with short ends meeting on right side. Topstitch cuff to stocking.