Add a personalized quilt label to your holiday quilts and handmade gifts. Get our free label below.

Download the quilt label, then print it on fabric.

Download the Quilt Label

How to Print on Fabric:

  • To print a quilt label directly onto fabric using your computer, look for printer fabric sheets, which feed into an ink-jet printer, in fabric and quilt stores. Or prepare your own fabric using a fixative, such as Bubble Jet Set 2000, to ensure that the printing will be permanent.
  • First print the label on paper to ensure that the design and words appear as desired and there is room for seam allowances. Follow the manufacturer's instructions for printing, peeling off the paper backing, and setting; then trim the label to the desired size.
  • To create a custom label design, use word-processing, desktop-publishing, scrapbooking, or label-making software to combine text, photos, and clip art.