Showcase your favorite holiday fabrics in a garland that can embellish your fireplace, buffet table, or mantel! Fabrics are from the Evergreen collection by BasicGrey for Moda Fabrics.


  • Assorted holiday prints
  • Baker's twine
  • Water- or air-soluble fabric marking pen

Cut Fabric:

From assorted holiday prints, cut:

  • 2x6" rectangles

Note: Cut as many as you need to form the length of garland you want. (We used 21--2x6" rectangles to make a 6'-long garland.)

Assemble the Garland:

1. Fold a 2x6" print rectangle, with wrong side inside, to make a 2x3" folded rectangle; finger-press fold in place. Repeat with all rectangles. Referring to photo and leaving 6" of baker's twine free at one end, sandwich baker's twine between layers of a folded rectangle.


2. Using a 1/4" seam and matching thread, sew folded rectangle to enclose baker's twine. Continue to add folded rectangles in the same manner allowing 1" between each folded rectangle until desired length is embellished. Leave 6" of baker's twine free at remaining end.


3. Trim sewing thread between each folded rectangle leaving baker's twine uncut.


4. Using fabric marking pen, make a dot 3/4" from bottom edge of folded triangle, centered 1" from edges. Repeat with each folded rectangle.


5. Cut each folded rectangle from bottom corners to center dot to make pennant shape. Repeat with each marked rectangle to complete garland.


6. To hang garland, tie baker's twine ends around wall- or shelf-mounted hooks.