Create five Courthouse Steps blocks in cheery holiday colors for a special seasonal table runner.
Christmas Cabin Table Runner
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Designer: Kat Tichenor


  • 8" square mottled dark gold (block centers)
  • 7⁄8 yard mottled ivory-and-gold (blocks)
  • 2⁄3 yard red, green, and gold print (blocks)
  • 1⁄4 yard each of mottled red, mottled green, and mottled gold (border)
  • 1⁄2 yard mottled red-and-gold (binding)
  • 1-1⁄2 yards backing fabric
  • 26x74" batting

Finished table runner: 17-1⁄2x65-1⁄2"

Yardages and cutting instructions are based on 42" of useable fabric width. Measurements include 1⁄4" seam allowances. Sew with right sides together unless otherwise stated.

Cut Fabrics

Cut pieces in the following order.

From mottled dark gold, cut:

  • 5--2-1⁄2" squares for block centers

From mottled ivory-and-gold, cut:

  • 10--1-1⁄2x10-1⁄2" rectangles for position 9
  • 10--1-1⁄2x8-1⁄2" rectangles for position 7
  • 10--1-1⁄2x6-1⁄2" rectangles for position 5
  • 10--1-1⁄2x4-1⁄2" rectangles for position 3
  • 10--1-1⁄2x2-1⁄2" rectangles for position 1

From red, green, and gold print, cut:

  • 10--1-1⁄2x12-1⁄2" rectangles for position 10
  • 10--1-1⁄2x10-1⁄2" rectangles for position 8
  • 10--1-1⁄2x8-1⁄2" rectangles for position 6
  • 10--1-1⁄2x6-1⁄2" rectangles for position 4
  • 10--1-1⁄2x4-1⁄2" rectangles for position 2

From mottled red, cut:

  • 2--3x17-1⁄2" border strips
  • 2--3x15-1⁄2" rectangles for border

From mottled green, cut:

  • 3--3x15-1⁄2" rectangles for border

From mottled gold, cut:

  • 3--3x15-1⁄2" rectangles for border

From mottled red-and-gold, cut:

  • 5--2-1⁄2x42" binding strips

Assemble Blocks

1. Referring to Diagram 1, sew together a mottled dark gold 2-1⁄2" square and two mottled ivory-and-gold position 1 rectangles. Press seams toward rectangles.


2. Add red, green, and gold print position 2 rectangles to remaining edges of mottled dark gold square (Diagram 2). Press seams toward rectangles.


3. Join mottled ivory-and-gold position 3 rectangles to opposite edges of Step 2 unit (Diagram 3); press seams as before. Continue in the same manner, adding pairs of rectangles in numerical sequence, to make a Courthouse Steps block (Diagram 4). The block should be 12-1⁄2" square including seam allowances.


4. Repeat steps 1–3 to make five Courthouse Steps blocks total.

Assemble Table Runner Center

Referring to Table Runner Assembly Diagram, lay out blocks in a vertical row, rotating alternate blocks as shown. Join blocks to make table runner center. Press seams in one direction. The table runner center should be 12-1⁄2x60-1⁄2" including seam allowances.


Assemble and Add Border

1. Referring to Table Runner Assembly Diagram, sew together short edges of four mottled red, green, and gold 3x15-1⁄2" rectangles to make a pieced border strip. Press seams in one direction. The strip should be 3x60-1⁄2" including seam allowances. Repeat to make a second pieced border strip.

2. Join pieced border strips to long edges of table runner center. Sew mottled red 3x17-1⁄2" border strips to remaining edges to complete table runner top. Press all seams toward border.

Finish Table Runner

1. Layer table runner top, batting, and backing; baste. Quilt as desired. The machine-quilter used gold metallic thread and a decorative blanket stitch around the rectangles in the blocks and border of the table runner.

2. Bind with mottled red-and-gold binding strips. After the binding was stitched down, a final row of blanket stitching was added between the border and the binding to complete the table runner.