The holidays are a stressful time of year for quilters. Between sewing holiday decor, handmade gifts, and seasonal quilts, there's barely time to think about Christmas shopping and baking cookies. But we hope through all the struggles, the sewing frenzy makes the holidays worth it!

December 02, 2015

1. When your family asks why your house needs another Christmas quilt.


2. When you decide your tree needs handmade ornaments, but you only have time to make one.


3. When everyone on your shopping list wants a quilt for Christmas.


4. When you sew through dinner time, and your family is wondering where the food is.


5. When you have to go to Christmas brunch after you stayed up all night sewing.


6. When people are coming over for Christmas dinner and you're still finishing up some projects.


7. When you deliver your handmade presents, and everyone just goes about their business like it's no big deal.